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If you're looking for something specific and you don't see it here, check out this list of one-off digital services I can help you with. Reach out and I'm happy to provide a custom quote just for you.

Business card design $250+

Invitations $300+

Infographic $500+

Headers (email, website, Facebook) $250+

Social ads $300

Signage $300+

Brochures $400+

Branding Guide

A branding guide is so important to creating continuity across your platforms.


A branding guide is essentially an instruction manual on how to communicate your business voice and tone, so you can trust your business marketing to outside marketing firms, employees, or me. It helps your clients know what you expect from your business, and signals that your brand is relatable, familiar and trustworthy.  

This is included in all the social media management and/or website design packages.


Up to a 1 week turnaround

A branding guide includes:

  • Your current business logo

  • Colour palette with hex codes

  • Mood board

  • Typography

  • Brand voice and tone

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